Appalachian Community Grant Program: Share Your Ideas

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The Appalachian Community Grant Program may award nearly $500 million in grants to the 32 Ohio Appalachian counties through the Appalachian Planning Grants and Appalachian Development Grants. Only applicants within the 32 Ohio Appalachian counties are eligible.

Create a successful application by including region-wide, local governments (townships, villages, cities, port authorities, community improvement corps and county governments) education institutions and non-profits.

Partnerships are strongly encouraged, and your Local Development Districts (LDDs) and state partner agencies play a vital role in helping applicants develop a strong partner project. Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission is one of the four Ohio LDDs and will help you develop your application if your project is located in the multi-county region we serve, which includes Adams, Brown, Clermont, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton counties.

We need your ideas to help create region-wide applications. Please fill out the form below with your idea(s). Also browse the list of current ideas to help you with your application.

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