Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

What is the CEDS planning document?

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration regulations require the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) every five years. During 2017, OVRDC developed a comprehensive 5-year plan compliant with EDA’s final regulations regarding representation from the private sector, labor, chamber of commerce, workforce development, and post-secondary education. For 2018-2021, OVRDC will prepare an update of that plan.

The CEDS is a plan that emerges from a broad-based continuous planning process addressing the economic opportunities and threats in the region. The process is designed to guide the economic growth of the area through an inclusive and dynamic process that coordinates the efforts of community organizations, local governments, and the private sector that are concerned with economic development.

The outcome of the CEDS is to be used as a tool for understanding the regional economy and for taking action to improve it. The CEDS incorporates other planning efforts in the OVRDC region where appropriate.

The CEDS Committee

The CEDS Committee consists of the main economic interests of the OVRDC region and includes private sector representatives from all 12 counties as a majority of its membership.  Additional members include the OVRDC Vice-Chairman (who serves as the CEDS Chairman), 1 minority member, 5 public officials, and 4 members-at-large.  The OVRDC Chairman annually appoints these members at the March Commission meeting. The private sector members are selected by the county caucus.

For a full explanation of the CEDS Committee see the OVRDC By-Laws.