Public Meetings Scheduled for Village of Bainbridge Residential Installations

Village of Bainbridge Sanitary Sewer Collection System Installation/Hook-up assistance now available

The Village of Bainbridge Low-income homeowners are eligible to receive grant assistance to finance the cost of extending the line on their property to the sewage collection line and the cost to abandon their existing septic tank. Those eligible for assistance in the Village of Bainbridge are encouraged to attend a Public Information session on Monday, November 20, 2023, from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Bainbridge Community Center, 113 1/2 Dewey Street, and to bring proper documentation to submit the application that evening, on-site.

Applications including proof of income and ownership of property accepted from homeowners include, for example, the most recent tax return, SSI Statement, and/or two most recent check stubs from employer, deed or life estate.

The application is available on-line for review and download. Only homeowners who live in their home and meet income requirements are eligible for this grant program. Rental properties and business properties do not qualify for this program. Other agencies will be in attendance who may be able to help homeowners who don’t qualify for the OVRDC program. Please contact OVRDC with any questions at 740-947-2853.