Regional Transportation Planning Organization

OVRDC works with the state of Ohio and ODOT to expand transportation planning beyond Metropolitan Planning Area (MPOs) boundaries. The RTPO service area includes the counties of Adams, Brown, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence (rural area), Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton. We work on a wide range of projects, including data collection and analysis, project planning, grant writing, and project funding research. Our current projects include a sidewalk inventory and the 2018-2021 RTIP development. To read our 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan see the links below. For project funding opportunities check out our Funding page.

RTPO Projects & Services

RTPO GIS & Mapping Services

OVRDC assists organizations with a variety of mapping services related to transportation from custom print and web maps to transportation analysis. We also work with the Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership to expand web-based parcel mapping in the region. Click here to view the RTPO Map Portal highlighting the types of maps we can provide.

Active Transportation

OVRDC collects a variety Active Transportation data, including bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as well as trail counts. We also lead Bicycle education rides for public and professional stakeholders, called “How We Roll” sponsored by YayBikes.  Click here to see the progress of our sidewalk inventory.


Public Transit

OVRDC assists transit agencies with Coordinated Travel Plan updates, and can provide even more in-depth transit analysis if needed. See the map gallery for an interactive map of regional transit and freight facilities in our region. Click here for a list of all public transit agencies in Ohio (External Link – ODOT).


OVRDC provides assistance with safety funding, as well as Road Safety Audits, with aims to reduce the number and frequency of fatal and serious injuries on our locally maintained roads. Follow this link for the latest regional and state-wide safety data, ODOT safety maps and interactive crash maps.

OVRDC Long Range Transportation Plan

The RTPO was created by ODOT in effort of planning robust regional transportation system. The resulting RTPO’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan provides an opportunity to coordinate economic and community development with transportation planning efforts and to enhance regional cooperation and communication. OVRDC, as an ODOT-appointed RTPO, will utilize their new status as an opportunity to address long-range regional transportation needs. A Comprehensive Transportation Plan will assist OVRDC and ODOT to prioritize regional transportation projects with the greatest economic and social benefits, ensuring effective communication of regional priority between RTPO agencies and ODOT.


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