OVRDC & National GIS Data Reources

OVRDC maintains a database of regional and national GIS data, which can be found below the charts. If you are interested in demographic data, often that data can be obtained from free public web services such as Census Reporter. If you need a specific dataset for your project that is not available online or you need any other assistance with obtaining data, please contact us with the form below. The GIS Program page has more information on the mapping and data services that we offer. 

Demographic Data

Although it is possible to access demographic data directly from the US CENSUS from sites like American Fact Finder, census data can also be consumed by websites and services using an API. Many third-party sites such as datausa.io and censusreport.org consume this API to generate charts, graphs, maps and tables on common demographic characteristics. Often navigating these sites is easier than interacting directly with the raw census data. Shown below is a series of charts and graphs on housing characteristics embedded directly from the Census Reporter and Data USA.

Housing Characteristics in Pike County, Ohio

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