Major Funding Opportunities for the OVRDC Region

Economic & Community Development

 Name/Link Deadlines Eligible Entities General Purpose Funding
ARC Spring 2020 Public Agency/Non-Profit Jobs/Infrastructure/Culture Varies
Clean Ohio Multiple Multiple Preserve/Revitalize Green Space Varies
EDA Multiple Public Agency Create/Retain Jobs Varies
EPA Multiple Multiple Improve Air & Water Quality Varies
OPWC Multiple Government Water/Sewer/Road Varies
RLF Rolling Businesses Create/Retain Jobs $300,000 max
USDA Multiple Multiple Infrastructure/Business/Facilities/Housing Varies


Name/Link Deadlines Eligible Entities General Purpose Funding
FASTLANE February 25, 2020 Government Freight/Inter-Modal/NHS $5mil or $25mil+
National Park Service June 30 Multiple Design & Planning of Trails, Parks, Etc. Varies
Safety April 30/Sept 30 Government Roadway Safety Varies
SRTS March 6, 2020 Government Improve School Travel Safety Varies
Small Cities March 1 Cities (5k to 25k) Multiple Varies
TAP February 1 Government Bike/Ped/Other Varies
Trails-ODNR February 1 Multiple Trails/Design/Acquisition  $850,000 max
Mobility Management Past Deadline Multiple Transportation operations and needs Varies ~$80,000

For an expanded list of funding opportunities available from the Ohio Department of Transportation see the links below.