Major Funding Opportunities for the OVRDC Region


Economic & Community Development

 Name/Link Deadlines Eligible Entities General Purpose Funding
ARC – Appalachian Regional Commission  Spring 2021 Public Agency/Non-Profit Jobs/Infrastructure/Culture Varies
COVID-related Business and Community Grants Multiple Multiple Community, Individuals & Business-related Grants Varies
NRAC – Clean Ohio Multiple Multiple Preserve/Revitalize Green Space Varies
EDA – Economic Development Administration  Multiple Public Agency Create/Retain Jobs Varies
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency Multiple Multiple Improve Air & Water Quality Varies
EPA – Recreation Economy for Rural Communities November 22, 2021 Local Governments/Indian Tribes/Non-Profits Planning Assistance Workshops Varies
Just Transition Fund RFP November 15, 2021 Qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits Support for Coal Communities Funding Applications (technical support, planning, and more) Up to $25,000
ODNR – H2Ohio:  Ohio River Basin Wetlands Grant Program September 30, 2021 Multiple Improve Water Quality Up to $500,000               (no match)
Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant Program November 8, 2021 Internet service providers Broadband Construction Projects (in unserved and underserved areas of Ohio)
OPWC – Ohio Public Works Commission Multiple Government Water/Sewer/Road Varies
RIPL – Rural Industrial Park Loan Multiple Multiple Infrastructure/Business Varies
RLF – Revolving Loan Funds Rolling Businesses Create/Retain Jobs $300,000 max
USDA – US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Multiple Multiple Infrastructure/Business/Facilities/Housing Varies
Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Grants (CARES Act/ARPA) Rolling (until funds are depleted) County, Township, Municipal Corporation, also Public Entities (within a political subdivision with the authority to own and operate public water and sewer systems and non-profit, non-community public water systems) Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Varies, typically $5mil – $10mil

Transportation Funding

Name/Link Deadlines Eligible Entities General Purpose Funding
Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) March 19, 2021 Government Freight/Inter-Modal/NHS $5mil or $25mil+
National Park Service March 1, 2021 Multiple Design & Planning of Trails, Parks, Etc. Varies
Ohio Bridge Partnership Program  April 15, 2021 Counties/Municipalities Bridges Varies up to $1mil
Safety  April 30/Sept 30 Government Roadway Safety Varies
Safe Routes To Schools (SRTS) March 5, 2021 Government Improve School Travel Safety Varies
Small Cities June 15, 2021 Cities (5k to 25k) Chillicothe, Hillsboro, Jackson, Portsmouth, Washington CH, Wellston Multiple Varies
Township Safety Sign Program (ODOT) May 7, 2021 Townships Upgrade/Install Signage; Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Up to $50K
Township Stimulus Program (ODOT) November 19, 2021 Townships Only Roads, Sidewalks, Culverts Up to $250,000 (no match required)
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Letter of Interest due

October 31, 2021
Government Bike/Ped/Other Varies
Trails-Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) April 15, 2021 Multiple Trails/Design/Acquisition  $850,000 max
Mobility Management February 22, 2021 Multiple Transportation operations and needs Varies up to $80,000

For an expanded list of funding opportunities available from the Ohio Department of Transportation see the links below.