House Bill 74 of the 134th Ohio General Assembly allocated $5.2 million in funding over the biennium for the creation of a Regional Transportation Planning Grant Program. Each Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) in Ohio received an allocation of STBG funding for state fiscal years 2022 and 2023. This will be the first round for the program and the future of the program will depend on the continuation of state and federal funding with guidance from the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

RTPO Allocation Breakdown per year SFY2022/2023

SFY22-23 Allocation Table


The OVRDC STBG allocation can be used for roadway projects that occur on federal-aid eligible routes. Exceptions to that rule include bike/ped, transit, safety, and non-highway freight projects. If you are unsure whether a project is located on a federal-aid eligible route, please check out our Federal Aid Route map.

Some details of the program include:

  •  Any phase of construction is eligible.
  •  Project must be located in one of our RTPO member counties which include:  Adams, Brown, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, rural portion of Lawrence (not covered by KYOVA), Pike, Ross, Scioto, and Vinton.
  • Project must be listed in the OVRDC 2045 Comprehensive Transportation Plan (Appendix B).  If you have a project that is not included in the plan, please contact to discuss getting the project added in future updates.
  • Funding will be on a re-imbursement basis.
  • 10% local match will be required.
  • Maximum award amount is $150,000.
  • Applications may not be submitted electronically and must be received at the OVRDC office by the application deadline.
  • Please be aware…this funding will come through ODOT and will need to go through the Let process.  This can potentially add cost to your project, so make sure you are familiar with this process:
    • ODOT Let: A project for which the construction contract is prepared and administered by ODOT. The plan package for a Let project is delivered to the Office of Estimating, the proposal and bid documents are prepared by the Office of Contracts, which also oversees the letting (opening of bids) and the award of the contract.

    • Local Let: A project, sponsored by an Local Public Agency, for which the LPA will hold the construction contract and perform the construction administration. In order for an LPA to deliver projects through the local-let program, the LPA must complete the required training and review process.

    • For more information on the Let process, visit



Please review the Policy document before beginning the application process.

Policies of Managing Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Allocations document.

OVRDC STBG Application –  Due to OVRDC by 3pm on December 16, 2022

OVRDC STBG Scoring Criteria 

For questions regarding the STBG program, contact Stephanie Gilbert, OVRDC Transportation Planning Coordinator. 


Previous Grant Awards – Round 1 – SFY22 Funding  

Below is the list of  projects funded with the SFY22 allocation of Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funding.