Bicycle and Pedestrian Resources

Southern Ohio Trails

A web map portal developed by OVRDC and member agencies dedicated to explore southern Ohio's bikeways, hiking and mountain bike trails for transportation and recreation. Click here to be redirected to Southern Ohio Trails.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

OVRDC now has counters available to collect data regarding bicyclists and pedestrians use of trails, sidewalks and other facilities. Contact us for more information.

YayBikes! How We Roll Rides

OVRDC offers bicycle education rides to member county, city, village and township individuals. These small-group rides highlight bicycle law, riding etiquette and infrastructure that can better connect communities. Contact us for more information to schedule a ride.


Bike & Ped Maps 

Click the toggles below to see different sidewalk and pedestrian maps OVRDC has worked on. The sidewalk and landmarks map are based on assets collected in Washington Court House, Fayette County. This project has been completed for the full maps go to OVRDC’s GIS page. For data requests contact Jacob Taylor. Click here to view a fullscreen map of the sidewalk project.


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