OVRDC Executive Committee

Approved Members 2015-2016
County Member OVRDC Office/Seat
Adams Steve Caraway Caucus Chair
Adams Paul Worley OVRDC Vice Chairman
Adams Dane Clark Private Sector Rep
Brown Daryll Gray Caucus Chair
Brown Ray Becraft Member-at-Large
Clermont Bob Proud OVRDC Chair/Caucus Chair
Clermont Warren Walker Private Sector Rep
Fayette Jack DeWeese Caucus Chair
Fayette Faye Williamson Member-at-Large
Gallia Harold Montgomery Caucus Chair
Gallia Kent Eldridge Private Sector Rep
Highland Shane Wilkin OVRDC Chairman/Caucus Chair
Highland Melissa Elmore Member-at-Large
Jackson Jerry Hall Caucus Chair
Jackson Randy Heath Member-at-Large
Lawrence Patrick Leighty
Caucus Chair
Lawrence Bill Dingus Member-at-Large
Pike Blaine Beekman OVRDC Treasurer
Pike Fred Foster Caucus Chair
Pike Tony Dixon Private Sector Rep
Ross Doug Corcoran Caucus Chair
Ross Luke Feeney Mayor of Chillicothe
Ross Randy Davies Member-at-Large
Ross Mal Payne Minority Representative
Scioto Bryan Davis Caucus Chair
Scioto James Kalb Mayor of Portsmouth
Scioto Bill Whittaker Private Sector Rep
Vinton Jerry Zinn Caucus Chair
Vinton Ralph Neal Private Sector Rep
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