OVRDC Executive Committee

Approved Members 2018-2019
County Member OVRDC Office/Seat
Adams Diane Ward Caucus Chair
Adams Debora Plymail Workforce Development
Brown Barry Woodruff Caucus Chair/OVRDC Vice-Chairman
Brown Darrin Schneider Chamber of Commerce
Clermont Ed Humphrey Caucus Chair
Clermont Fred Albrecht City of Milford
Clermont Adele Evans Economic Development
Fayette Tony Anderson Caucus Chair
Fayette Jim Chrisman City of Washington Court House
Fayette Faye Williamson Workforce Development
Gallia Harold Montgomery Caucus Chair
Gallia Melissa Clark Economic Development
Highland Gary Abernathy Caucus Chair
Highland Drew Hastings City of Hillsboro
Highland Nicole Oberrecht Economic Development
Jackson Paul Haller Caucus Chair
Jackson Connie Pelletier City of Wellston
Jackson Randy Heath Chamber of Commerce/OVRDC Chairman
Lawrence Patrick Leighty
Caucus Chair
Lawrence Katrina Keith City of Ironton
Larence Bill Dingus Economic Development
Pike Blaine Beekman OVRDC Treasurer
Pike Tony Montgomery Caucus Chair
Pike Tony Dixon Private Sector Rep
Ross Doug Corcoran Caucus Chair
Ross Luke Feeney City of Chillicothe
Ross Tom White Private Sector
Ross Mal Payne Minority Community
Scioto Mike Crabtree Caucus Chair
Scioto Kevin Johnson City of Portsmouth
Scioto Lisa Carver Chamber of Commerce
Vinton Mark Fout Caucus Chair
Vinton Cheryl Thiessen Community Action Organization