Economic Development Planning Assistance

OVRDC helps subdivisions and organizations plan and secure funding for community and economic development-related projects. Staff offers expertise with the following funding sources:

Economic Development Administration (EDA)

A part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the EDA provides funding for job-creation projects in distressed areas around the nation. Assistance can also be provided to communities experiencing significant job loss through plant closures or layoffs. OVRDC, as a designated Economic Development District (EDD), is your first stop for securing funding through the EDA.

The following are informational documents pertaining to EDA application:

Revolving Loan Fund

OVRDC offers assistance to businesses looking to expand or start up in our region through our GAP funding program. For more information see the RLF Homepage.

Community Economic Development Strategy

 For the most recent 2017 CEDS click here.

Industrial Site



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