OVRDC seeks public comment on Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) proposed project funding

The OVRDC Transportation Committee is recommending projects for funding through Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds allocated to OVRDC.  OVRDC STBG funds can be used for roadway projects that occur on federal-aid eligible routes within the OVRDC RTPO region. Exceptions to that rule include bike/ped, transit, safety, and non-highway freight projects.  OVRDC is seeking public comment on the proposed projects before final approval of funding is made.  Click here to view the list of projects proposed to receive funding for Round 1 of the STBG program. 

Questions or comments about the proposed projects should be directed to Stephanie Gilbert, Transportation Planning Coordinator, by email or by calling the office at 740-947-2853 by May 4, 2022.  Comments will not be considered after this date.

For more information on the STBG program, visit our STBG webpage by clicking here.