Township Safety Sign Grant Program

ODOT Announces the 2022 Ohio Township Safety Sign Grant Program Now Accepting Applications

ODOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) provides $2 million dollars annually in funding to upgrade existing and install new safety signage on Ohio’s township roads.

  • Click here to see if your township is eligible to apply for this year’s Safety Sign Grant.
    • Adams – Sprigg
    • Brown – Clark, Eagle, Franklin, Huntington, Pleasant, Sterling, Washington
    • Fayette – Jefferson, Perry, Union
    • Gallia – Green
    • Highland – Madison
    • Jackson – Franklin, Liberty, Scioto
    • Lawrence – Fayette, Perry, Rome, Union
    • Pike – Benton
    • Ross – Buckskin, Franklin, Harrison, Liberty
    • Scioto – Clay, Green, Harrison, Madison, Nile, Rush, Vernon, Washington
  • Click here to visit the Township Safety Sign Grant webpage, where eligible townships can apply.


The deadline for eligible townships to submit their application using the online form is Friday, May 6, 2022.

Townships are invited to apply for the safety funds based on two criteria:

  1. Their township has higher than average roadway systemwide crash rates based on the previous five years’ crash history (2016 to 2020); and
  2. The township has NOT been funded previously by the Township Safety Signage Grant Program.

What is included in the grant?

  1. Safety Signs (to replace current signs and install new signs in places where there weren’t any before)
  2. Posts for the signs
  3. Hardware for the signs

Each invited township may ask for up to $50,000 worth of signs, posts, and hardware to install across their entire township roadway network.

  • The eligible Township prepares and submits their request, using the online order form for this Safety Sign Grant program.
  • The request may include approved safety signs, posts, and hardware as listed in the online order form.
  • The grant program directly pays the sign Vendor for the purchase of the approved signs, per the Township’s request.
  • The Vendor delivers the purchased signs directly to the Township.
  • The Township is then responsible for installing the new signs within a specified period (we think this is one year).

Under this scenario, the ODOT Township Safety Sign Grant program is paying for 100% of the purchase cost of the approved signs (and posts/hardware) per the Township’s request.

If you have any questions, please contact The Ohio LTAP Center, 1980 W. Broad Street, Mail Stop #1240, Columbus, OH 43223, call 614-387-7359 or 1-877-800-0031 (Toll Free in Ohio) or email: