ODOT and YaY Bikes Offer “Professional Development Bicycle Rides”

ODOT has partnered with YaY Bikes, a Columbus based non-profit, to educate planners, engineers, public officials, etc. about the opportunities of cycling on Ohio roads. The focus of the program is to give firsthand knowledge and experience in order to develop better community planning and roadway design.  Improving relationships between drivers and cyclists is an important first step in developing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in communities. The program acknowledges bike-lanes may not be viable for every community and there are many options such as signage, one-way streets and bike-friendly economic development that further the initiatives.

The program is currently ODOT funded, with no cost to the community, and allows 5 riders per group on the 3 hour ride. OVRDC is pleased to promote this program in our region and we encourage you to get ahold of us if your community would be interested.

Bowling Green recently had a successful professional development ride, which you may read about HERE.