State of Our Bridges – Part II

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As part of our role as an RTPO, OVRDC is working on a variety of transportation-related data visualizations. The map below is just one example of several maps that will become part of a future RTPO Map Portal. Using examples from other MPOs and RTPOs across the country, this map portal seeks to give a county-wide snapshot of transportation infrastructure and related issues.

The map below focuses on deficient bridges using the General Appraisal value and is a follow up to the State of Our Bridges post which used the Bridge Sufficiency Rating. The toolbar at the top of the map allows the user to search for specific bridges in the ODOT database by SFN (limited to the OVRDC region). Deficient bridges are clustered for faster loading, with all bridges becoming visible at higher zoom levels.

The RTPO Map Portal is one of many OVRDC data visualization projects. This particular map uses a combination of Chart.js and Leaflet to drive the charts and maps. The bridge data was obtained through ODOT’s TIMS system (downloaded 12/15). Initally, we attempted to utilize the REST service from ODOT’s GIS server via the Esri Leaflet plugin. However, due to errors on mobile devices, we chose to forgo the REST service and push data to the map via a csv file.

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