Pavement Condition Ratings

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As part of the RTPO planning process, we examined roadway conditions in our region using the Pavement Condition Rating. The PCR takes into account both the frequency and severity of various distresses present in the roadway such as cracking, potholes, etc. A PCR rating of 65 or below highlights the need for roadway improvement. The table and map below show the distribution of PCR ratings for the OVRDC region. A more detailed analysis can be found in the Existing Conditions section of our transportation plan. For in-depth look at PCR see the ODOT PCR Manual.

Pavement Condition Miles Percent
Excellent 1,962.4 45.1%
Good 1,297.8 29.8%
Fair 941.0 21.6%
Poor 149.8 3.4%

Taken from the OVRDC RTPO Transportation Plan

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