OVRDC Publishes Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

OVRDC is making a regional study of the electrical vehicle charging infrastructure available to the public for planning and future grant funding opportunities.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes a historical $7.5 billion investment to advance electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United States. This landmark legislation presents a unique opportunity for OVRDC communities to advance economic development priorities by leveraging federal funding to enhance the region’s transportation infrastructure.

OVRDC prepared an EV Readiness Plan for the following 11 counties that are part of the OVRDC Regional Transportation Planning Organization: Adams, Brown, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto, and Vinton.

OVRDC worked closely with local stakeholders and consultants in 2023 to create an electric vehicle readiness plan for the region.  The usage of electric vehicles in Ohio is growing at a fast pace and exploring the need for supportive infrastructure to service them is becoming more and more evident. The OVRDC Electric Vehicle Readiness plan identifies existing charging infrastructure and funding opportunities, makes suggestions for both short term and long-term future build out of infrastructure, and makes recommendations for implementation of the plan,” said Stephanie Gilbert, OVRDC Transportation Planning Coordinator. 

This plan includes an overview of existing conditions, an assessment of needs, and a strategy for EV infrastructure deployment in the region. The strategy identifies recommended sites for future public EV charging and also policy recommendations and guidance for plan implementation.

There were identifiable Vision and Goals of the study created with collaboration from stakeholders on the steering committee to ensure that the plan is focused and aligned with the OVRDC region’s desired outcomes and needs. The vision statement serves as a guiding framework for the OVRDC EV Readiness Plan. The goals define the desire results of implementing this planning effort.


Develop a reliable, convenient, and equitable network of public charging infrastructure that facilitates electric vehicle operations for residents and visitors in the OVRDC region.


  • Identify strategic locations for installing public EV charging infrastructure that are distributed throughout the region and easy to access.
  • Leverage electric vehicle infrastructure enhancements to encourage tourism and economic development in the region.
  • Ensure OVRDC and its partner communities are well-positioned for applicable EV-related funding opportunities.

Read and download the full study posted on our website. For more information, contact Stephanie Gilbert or call (740) 947-2853.