OVRDC Announces Election of Officers and 2019 Annual Report Released

The OVRDC Full Commission meeting was held online on Thursday, June 25, 2020, via video conference. More than 56 members and guests joined online or via phone to hear the state of the region, and the main order of business was conducting the official election of officers for the coming year. During the discussion of new and old business, the 2019 Annual Report was highlighted and it is now available to view and download.

Download the OVRDC Annual Report Final 2019 HERE.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and many thanks to them for their service to focus on community and economic growth in our region.


OVRDC Officers & Executive Committee Members for 2020 – 2021 

June 25, 2020 – March 31, 2021

County Member OVRDC Office/Seat   County Member OVRDC Office/Seat
Adams Diane Ward Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Jackson Randy Heath

OVRDC Chairman

Chamber of Commerce
Adams Debora Plymail Workforce Development Jackson Charles Hudson City of Wellston
Brown Barry Woodruff

OVRDC Vice-Chairman

Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Lawrence Patrick Leighty Caucus Chair/County Engineer
Brown Alvin Norris Community Action Org Lawrence Sam Cramblit City of Ironton
Clermont David Painter Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Lawrence Bill Dingus Economic Development
Clermont Amy Brewer City of Milford Pike Tony Montgomery Caucus Chair/County Commissioner
Clermont Taylor Corbett Economic Development Pike Blaine Beekman

OVRDC Treasurer

County Commissioner
Fayette Tony Anderson Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Pike Tony Dixon Private Sector
Fayette Jim Chrisman City of Washington Court House Ross Doug Corcoran Caucus Chair/County Commissioner
Fayette Faye Williamson Workforce Development Ross Luke Feeney City of Chillicothe
Gallia Harold Montgomery Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Ross Tom White Private Sector
Gallia Melissa Clark Economic Development Ross Mal Payne Minority Community
Highland Terry Britton Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Scioto Mike Crabtree Caucus Chair/County Commissioner
Highland Justin Harsha City of Hillsboro Scioto Kevin E. Johnson City of Portsmouth
Highland Nicole Oberrecht Economic Development Scioto Lisa Carver Chamber of Commerce
Jackson Paul Haller Caucus Chair/County Commissioner Vinton Tim Eberts Caucus Chair/County Commissioner
Vinton Cheryl Thiessen Community Action Org







County Name Representing   County Name Representing
Adams Holly Johnson Economic Development Jackson Randy Evans City Government
Adams Al Norris Community Action Org Jackson Randy Heath Chamber of Commerce
Brown Barry Woodruff CEDS Committee Chairman Lawrence Bill Dingus Economic Development
Brown Bruce Lunsford Village Government Lawrence Ralph Kline Community Action Org
Brown Kelly Cole Economic Development Pike Shirley Bandy Chamber of Commerce
Clermont Billie Kuntz Community Action Org Pike Keith Pitts Community Action Org
Clermont Lisa Jackson Chamber of Commerce Ross Tammy Eallonardo Economic Development
Fayette Cody Kirkpatrick Township Government Ross Tom White Private Sector
Fayette Godwin Apaliah Economic Development Scioto Lisa Carver Chamber of Commerce
Gallia Elisha Orsbon Chamber of Commerce Scioto Chris Shaffer Post-Secondary Education
Gallia Melissa Clark Economic Development Vinton Terri Fetheroff Economic Development
Highland Pam Anderson Minority Representative Vinton Tim Eberts County Government
Highland Dr. Kevin Boys Post-Secondary Education







County Name Organization   County Name Organization
Adams David Hook Adams County Engineer Jackson Melissa Miller Jackson County Engineer
Adams Holly Johnson Adams County Econ. Dev. Jackson David Swackhammer City of Jackson
Brown Todd Cluxton Brown County Engineer Jackson Charles Hudson City of Wellston
Brown Bruce Lunsford Village of Mt Orab Lawrence Patrick Leighty Lawrence County Engineer
Fayette Steve Luebbe Fayette County Engineer Pike Denny Salisbury Pike County Engineer
Fayette Ron Sockman City of Washington C.H. Pike Amanda Elliott Pike County CAC
Fayette Joy Stanforth Fayette County CAC Ross Charlie Ortman Ross County Engineer
Gallia Brett Boothe Gallia County Engineer Ross Dean Carroll City of Chillicothe
Gallia Elisha Orsbon Gallia County Chamber Ross Joe Letsche Ross County Park District
Gallia Paul Covey O O McIntyre Park District Scioto Darren Lebrun Scioto County Engineer
Highland Chris Fauber Highland County Engineer Scioto Tracy Shearer City of Portsmouth
Highland Shawn Adkins City of Hillsboro Scioto Wendi Waugh Portsmouth Connex
Highland Joseph Adray Highland County Vinton Roy Depue Vinton County Engineer
Vinton Terri Fetherolf Vinton County Dev. Dept.