Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Application

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The second competitive round of the Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant has opened. The grant provides funding for local communities to assess and clean up contaminated abandoned gas stations. A minimum of $3.5 million will be available in this round of funding, and for the first time county land banks are eligible to apply.


Grants up to $100,000 for assessment activities and up to $500,000 for cleanup may be awarded through the competitive program. Competitive applications are scored based on the impact the project will have on the environment, community and economy. Non-competitive Fast Track grants are awarded on an on-going basis for projects where the only likely contamination is associated with the underground storage tank location(s).


Applications for the second round of competitive funding are due to the Ohio Development Services Agency by Friday, September 9, 2016. The application along with the scoring matrix can be found online at https://www.development.ohio.gov/cs/cs_agsc.htm.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact April Stevens at (614) 466-4007 or via email at April. Stevens@development.ohio.gov.