OPWC District 15 FY25 Round 38 Approved Project List Released

$11.8 Million Released for OPWC Local Government Infrastructure Projects

The Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) has announced project agreements totaling $323.8 million for the most recent annual round of infrastructure funding. For District 15, the local government project funding in our region totals over $11.8 million. Local projects were evaluated and chosen by the OVRDC integrating committee based on a variety of priority factors, including health and safety, age and condition, and number of users impacted by the infrastructure projects awarded.

The OPWC District 15 FY25 Round 38 Approved Project List Released July 1, 2024, is available for download here.

In addition, the district committees sent unfunded projects belonging to communities of 5,000 or less in population to compete in the OPWC Small Government Program. In total, 564 projects were awarded to communities in all Ohio’s 88 counties for roads ($202.5 million), water supply ($52.8 million), wastewater ($27.7 million), bridges and culverts ($28.3 million), and stormwater ($12.5 million). The entire statewide list of projects by district committee and county may be downloaded here.

Available project dollars are funded through a combination of the State Capital Improvement Program (bond program), the Revolving Loan Program (funded by repayment of bond program loans), and the Local Transportation Improvement Program (gas tax revenue).


This round of awards is the ninth in the current ten-year bond reauthorization which will “sunset” July 1, 2025, with the tenth-year release of project agreements for which districts have begun the annual solicitation process. Urgent action in the form of a joint resolution passed by the General Assembly is needed to place a constitutional amendment on a statewide ballot to renew the State Capital Improvement Program. An amendment will allow the state to continue to issue general obligation bonds to fund essential infrastructure capital improvements.

The existing OPWC program reauthorization was passed by voters on May 6, 2014, and has provided a total of $1.875 billion for annual infrastructure projects in the state over the last ten years.