OVRDC is now on GitHub

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ovrdc-githubOver the past year, OVRDC has focused on web-based maps as a new means of data distribution. This format creates an interactive environment where users can get simple questions answered and access data in a new and refreshing way. We have presented on this effort at the 2015 Ohio GIS Conference, and at the 2016 DDAA GIS User Group Meeting. Now, OVRDC has published a few of our web apps on the OVRDC GitHub page. These apps have been stripped down to their essentials so that new users can easily create new maps and apps from their own data. All that is need is a web server (or a free GitHub account), data and some creativity.

For questions or comments on the web apps please contact our office. To see a list of the current maps on this site visit the Maps page or the RTPO Portal page.