OVRDC GIS User Group

Meetings are held quarterly, and include networking opportunities, informational and educational presentations, as well as project and product demonstrations. Meetings are hosted by the OVRDC. If would like to receive email updates for the GIS User Group use the subscription form at the bottom of the page. For a quick overview of the 2015 user group meetings you can check out this presentation.

Upcoming Meetings

  • GIS User Group Meeting February 9, 2016

    CartoDB and Leaflet Workshop

    Join us for another GIS User Group Meeting, where we will host an interactive workshop focused on web-mapping with CartoDB and Leaflet.

    As GIS shifts from static maps to web-based data visualization, CartoDB and Leaflet are two easy ways to map and analyze your location data. We will use sample Parks and Trail data as an example in CartoDB, while you are encouraged to bring your own data to work on. Leaflet allows you take this visualization a step further with advanced functionality and customization options. We will discuss how Leaflet allows you to build interactive maps from scratch and explore the capabilities of this JavaScript library.

    This workshop is intended to help users at all levels of web-mapping and programming, with no experience necessary. We ask that each attendee brings a laptop (or tablet) and completes the Workshop registration form. Please join us for this hands-on GIS learning experience!

    We will also discuss future meetings and get updates from attendees. If there is any news you would like to share or are interested in presenting at a future meeting, let us know. Thanks!

    YouTube live stream.


August 11

  • “ArcMap to Illustrator”  Ken Shonkwiler, Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association
  • “High Accuracy Mapping with Bluetooth GPS Receivers”  Paul Nieberding, Fondriest Environmental
  • YouTube Link


May 12

  • Agenda
  • “64Seconds iPad App for Water Utilities” – Kyla Thaxton, Gallia County Rural Water  – video coming soon
  • “Google Drive & Appsheet”Malcolm Meyer, OVRDC


February 10


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2011 and Previous

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