Transportation Committee Meeting - January 24, 2023 @ 2 pm

Agenda – Draft

Meeting Minutes 4.18.22

STBG Round 2 SFY23 Scoring Spreadsheet – I am proposing that we award the leftover $10,640.75 to the Pike Beaver Pike Culvert project as it was the largest project with the greatest amount of local match, but it will be completely up to the committee to make the final decision

Project Application – Scioto 2023 CR28 Lucasville Minford Rd

Project Application – Scioto 2023 CR377 Rosemount Rd

Project Application – City of Jackson Beaver Pike Resurfacing Project 

Project Application – Pike County Beaver Pike Box Culvert

STBG Fund Guidance proposed changes – (1 change on page 3 (highlighted) I recommend removing the maximum award amount)

Scoring Criteria – discuss potential changes – no changes are on this sheet, but I wanted to you to be able to view it before we discuss

RPF for Transportation Studies Issued  1.17.2023