4.28.2023 Meeting Materials

The next meeting will be held at MORPC on June 23, 2023.  Hope to see everyone there.  For any questions about anything on this page or the committee in general contact Stephanie Gilbert.

Power Point Presentations

If you would like more information the links to the presenters emails are provided.

ODOT Revenue Alternative Study Update  – Richard Winning (Richard.Winning@dot.ohio.gov)

Ohio Maritime Plan Update – Randy Lane (Randy.Lane@dot.ohio.gov)

EV Deployment Plan Update – Preeti Choudhary (Preeti.Choudhary@dot.ohio.gov)

Ohio Modeling Software Update – Rebekah Straub (Rebekah.Straub@dot.ohio.gov)

Committee Updates

Statewide Safety Steering Committee – Aaron Lee, MVRPC

ODOT Statewide Updates

  • Distracted Driving Law
    • Officially took effect on April 4th, law enforcement has begun issuing warnings
      • Citations and fines will begin in October
    • Information and educational materials: https://phonesdown.ohio.gov
    • Reach out to Michelle May for a formal presentation for your committee about the law and related ODOT initiatives
  • HSIP Applications
    • Systemic applications went through approval: recommending $53M in awards, including 31 pedestrian safety projects
    • Formal applications received and are still under review: 38 applications requesting $116M – 23 were roundabouts
  • Safety Trainings thru Ohio LTAP: ODOT currently working with a consultant to update these – should have started uploading to the website, and if not then sometime early next month
  • Speed Zone Committee
    • ODOT has reconvened – first meeting was March 28th
    • Committee is discussing opportunities to further update the ODOT Speed Zone study process to better meet the needs of local agencies in setting safe speeds

FHWA Updates

  • NOFO for Safe Streets for All (SS4A) has been released – deadline is Monday, July 10th, for applications

Please let Aaron Lee or Lauren Cardoni know if you have any questions.

Statewide Transportation Innovation Council – Nick Gill, MORPC  (presented by Bob Koehler, OKI)

Ohio’s State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) annual innovation grant is accepting applications now through June 23, 2023.STIC funds may be used to conduct internal assessments; build capacity; develop guidance, standards, and specifications; implement system process changes; organize peer exchanges; offset implementation costs; or conduct other activities meeting the eligibility requirements and fostering a culture of innovation or to make innovation a standard practice for your agency.  Guidance information is available at: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/stic/guidance.cfm.

Listings of the STIC projects Ohio has funded since 2014 are included on the following webpage: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/stic/incentive_project/#oh.

We encourage your agency to apply for STIC funding to move your innovative ideas forward into reality!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Rich Winning, Innovation Coordinator at 614-644-5424 or Richard.Winning@dot.ohio.gov.

OARC Freight Workgroup

A new chairman was chosen to lead this committee.  Thank you to Kevin Buettner of OMEGA for volunteering to take on that roll.  

Save the Date for the OKI Conference on Freight, September 5-7, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.  Click the link below to sign up to receive updates!

Local Public Agency Advisory Group – Paul Arnold/Ana Ramirez, MVRPC

Ana discussed the next meeting upcoming on May 2, 2023.  She spoke about the agenda items for discussion at that meeting.  Meeting minutes from the last meeting will be posted here as soon as they are received.

Transit Working Group – Deb Hill, OMEGA/Serena Anderson, MVRPC

We will be holding our first meeting in the second quarter. Topics will include the new census data and how it affects counties, and an ODOT report of the changes in the funding cycle and ideas on how to fully utilize 5310 funds in the urbans.

Rideshare/AQ Committee – Katie Moore, NOACA
  • Gohio Mobility tool (statewide platform) will launch in June 2023 as a companion site to Gohio Commute
  • Upcoming events and promotions across the state for Air Quality Awareness Week (May 1-5) and National Bike Month (May)
  • Rideshare and AQ agencies are working to better coordinate messaging that connects air quality and transportation demand management programs
  • Continued coordination to hold a statewide “Ohio Commuter Challenge” on Gohio Commute during September
  • ODOT provided a standard template to gather information from MPOs and RTPOs on Rideshare signs