“How We Roll” Bicycle Education Ride – Chillicothe – October 4th

Date: Oct 4, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

OVRDC through YayBikes! is proud to offer a FREE educational ride for anyone who wants to learn the rules of the road and practice navigating the road by bicycle. This ~ 2 hour ride is going to be offered on Wednesday October 4th from 5-7pm in Chillicothe.  If interested, email Nick Kroncke at nkroncke@ovrdc.org for more information and to register ASAP (Required). This ride is geared towards everyone – from those who haven’t rode since childhood to lifelong bicyclists!

Rides are led and swept by trained guides who provide:

  • A route of increasing levels of difficulty that features as many different roadway types as possible
  • A thorough overview of bike law and lane positioning (i.e. remaining visible and predictable)
  • Information about the places being experience (a sensory experience)
  • Opportunities for feedback and continual improvement based on responses (i.e. evaluation)



  • Increase confidence and competence navigating roadways
  • Offer opportunity to learn skills users need to replace car trip with bike trip..a mode shift
    • 60% of people are “bike curious” want to replace one of their trips (can be work commute, to lunch, to groceries, park/recreation facility).
  • Provide skills users are excited to share with other people


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