Mapillary & Mapbox

Community-Sourced, Street-Level Imagery

License Plate Revenue

Ohio Permissive License Plate Tax Revenue County (2015)

OVRDC Sidewalk Network Map

OVRDC Sidewalk Network Map

OSM Sidewalk Project

OSM Sidewalk Proposed Imports

Block Group Explorer

Block group data from the ACS 2014 5yr, visualized in 3D.

OVRDC Vehicle Crash Explorer

Crashes in the OVRDC Region from 2013-2016

Fayette County LBRS Landmarks Update

Points of Interest Updated in 2016

State of Our Bridges

Part III - Average Bridge Ratings by Township

RTPO County CMS Ratings

Truck Growth Trends

RTPO PCR County Ratings

Road Pavement Condition Ratings

Census Block Finder

Identify Your Census Tract, Block Group and Block

Ohio Proposed USBRS

The United States Bicycle Route System in Ohio

ARC Economic Status

Distressed Counties in the OVRDC Region

Infrastructure Web Map Example

Interactive Map showing Hydrants in Wellston, Ohio