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The Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission is a public regional planning commission established by agreement among its members pursuant to Section 713.21 of the Ohio Revised Code, as amended. Acting in the capacity of a regional economic and community development agency, OVRDC coordinates federal, state and local resources to encourage development in 12 southern Ohio counties: Adams, Brown, Clermont, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton.

Established in 1967, OVRDC serves as a Local Development District for the Appalachian Regional Commission and as an Economic Development District for the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

OVRDC is governed by a Full Commission of 175 officials who meet semi-annually.  Members include representatives of county and local governments, social service, educational organizations, minority community, and the private sector. Routine oversight of the OVRDC is provided by an Executive Committee with representation from local elected officials from each county, and the cities of Chillicothe and Portsmouth, private sector, a minority representative, and several members-at large that represent one of the following areas; chambers of commerce, workforce development, labor, and post secondary education.

OVRDC receives financial support from a combination of federal and state grants and local service contracts. Member counties also pay annual fees to OVRDC, with contributions based on each county’s population.

Development planning assistance

OVRDC helps subdivisions and organizations plan and secure funding for community and economic development-related projects.  Staff offers expertise with the following funding sources:

·         Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

The ARC is a 13-state commission, which fosters development in the Appalachia region of the United States. Eleven of OVRDC’s 12 counties (all but Fayette) lie within the Appalachian region. ARC funding can assist with projects that meet one of four priority goal areas. As a Local Development District (LDD), OVRDC is your first stop for securing funding through the ARC. http://www.arc.gov/


·         Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

For an administrative fee, OVRDC staff can provide subdivisions with application development assistance, environmental review, and project administration for CDBG funded projects.


·         Economic Development Administration (EDA)

A part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the EDA provides funding for job-creation projects in distressed areas around the nation.  Assistance can also be provided to communities experiencing significant job loss through plant closures or layoffs.  OVRDC, as a designated Economic Development District (EDD), is your first stop for securing funding through the EDA. http://www.eda.gov/


·         Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC)

OVRDC coordinates this state grant/loan program for the District 15 Public Works Integrating Committee (all OVRDC counties except Clermont).  Eligible projects include the construction, repair or replacement of roads, bridges and water and wastewater infrastructure.  OVRDC is your first stop for securing funding through the OPWC. http://www.pwc.state.oh.us/


Data and Mapping

As a regional data center affiliated with the Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Strategic Research, OVRDC maintains a comprehensive database of national and state economic and demographic statistics, including U.S. Census data.  These data resources, as well as the agency’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) services are available to communities, businesses, and the general public upon request.  A reasonable processing fee may be charged. Some available data can be found at www.ovrdc.org


Small Business Assistance

·         Low Interest Financing

OVRDC offers two low-interest Revolving Loan Fund programs to provide gap financing for small businesses seeking to start up or expand in the OVRDC region.  The RLFs, capitalized by ARC and EDA, will assist businesses that create or retain jobs. OVRDC's Low Interest Gap Financing Brochure


·         Entrepreneurial Assistance

Through Project LEAD, OVRDC will provide training and technical assistance to 14 communities in the economically distressed counties of Gallia, Jackson,  Pike and Vinton. This assistance will focus on the overall goal of building and developing the capacity of key local staff, officials and communities to provide entrepreneurial assistance to new and existing small businesses.


A business specialist is responsible for providing training and technical assistance to representatives of the recipient communities. They will also serve as a conduit between and among small businesses, entrepreneurs, assistance agencies and funding sources. This project is funded in part by USDA Rural Development, Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI).


OVRDC considers entrepreneurial assistance to persons starting or expanding their businesses as a key part of economic development for the region. 


·         Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation (SOACDF)

OVRDC’s Executive Director serves on the Regional Advisory Committee of the SOACDF, which reviews economic development projects submitted from the county committees.  Staff will assist applicants with questions regarding this grant source, which requires job creation.  


Other planning assistance

·         Transportation Planning

OVRDC began the process of major highway corridor transportation planning in 1998.  The agency has participated in the U.S. 23 Corridor Study, the Portsmouth Bypass Study, SR 32/US 50/ US 35 Corridor Study, and more.

OVRDC participates in various Transportation Route Committees; such as US 23 Committee, SR 32/US 50 Committee, etc.

OVRDC will continue to work with Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) in the future to implement a local official, rural transportation planning and consultation process. Additionally OVRDC will work with ODOT to continue the development of a State Route 32 transportation corridor plan.


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