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Regional Transportation Planning

OVRDC recently received a federal transportation grant for $240,000 to participate in ODOT's Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) two-year pilot program. The total cost of the program is $300,000 with ODOT and OVRDC each contributing 10%.


ODOT initiated the RTPO Program to enhance project prioritization and improve the overall statewide planning process by strengthening its pre-existing partnerships with rural planning agencies. To accomplish this goal, ODOT is recognizing OVRDC and four other multi-county rural planning agencies in Ohio as RTPOs. ODOT will work with the RTPOs and Ohio's Metropolitan Planning Organizations to develop transportation plans for the RTPO regions and establish transportation planning expertise among the staff of the RTPO agencies.


Two documents will be produced by OVRDC during the RTPO Program including a public participation plan (PPP) and a comprehensive transportation plan. In addition to these deliverables, OVRDC will engage in several activities during the RTPO Program. Activities will include consultation with government entities and transportation professionals, public participation and outreach in accordance with the developed PPP, mentoring activities with the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Council Governments, and general activities to increase the knowledge of transportation planning.


In addition, OVRDC works under Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to assist communities in applying for grants under Access Road Program. These funds are from the Federal Highway Trust Fund and are targeted to better link the Region's businesses, communities, and residents to the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) and to other key parts of the Region's transportation network.


Past Transportation Planning

OVRDC began the process of major highway corridor transportation planning in 1998.  The agency has participated in the U.S. 23 Corridor Study, the Portsmouth Bypass Study, SR 32/US 50/ US 35 Corridor Study, and more.

OVRDC participates in various Transportation Route Committees; such as US 23 Committee, SR 32/US 50 Committee, etc.

Learn more about: Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS)

Link to view ADHS: ADHS Online GIS  and ADHS GIS

Transportation planning isn’t just about roads, it’s about life, communities, and our future.

Various corridor maps, plans and data are available upon request. Prices

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