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Phone: 740-947-2853 or 800-223-7491 in Ohio Fax: 740-947-3468
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How To Contact The OVRDC For GIS Assistance

  • OVRDC can provide assistance to communities in developing their own GIS or by providing GIS/GPS mapping services to them. In addition, OVRDC can help local communities with projects through GIS/GPS mapping services.
  • OVRDC is a regional repository of GIS data and shares data with communities.  OVRDC will also continue to upgrade its GIS system, obtaining and maintaining current GIS data on the region and promoting the availability of data. Finally, OVRDC will continue to update flood mapping and other data in the GIS system from state, federal, and local sources.
  • OVRDC will continue to expand its GIS system by offering web-based GIS to local villages and townships.


These data resources, the agency’s geographic information system (GIS), and global positioning system (GPS) services are available to communities, businesses, and the general public upon request. A reasonable processing fee may be charged. Also, certain data resources are posted to OVRDC’s website.


Contact Information:

Jason Gillow, Research/Planning Coordinator

Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission

73 Progress Drive

Waverly, OH 45690-1196

Phone: (740) 947-2853

Fax:     (740) 947-3468

In Ohio: 1-800-223-7491

Email: jgillow@ovrdc.org or email@ovrdc.org


What are some of the different activities that OVRDC uses GIS/GPS for?

  • Mapping of census data and demographic and unemployment rate changes.
  • Data creation (lines, points, polygons – i.e. trails, bus stops, road centerlines, surface area)
  • Inventory collection (fire hydrants, manholes, bridges, wells, signs, parking meters, etc.
  • Accurate locating of facilities (fire stations, EMS, dwelling locations, etc.)
  • Promote economic development by industrial site marketing, grant support activities, assist with planning and funding of infrastructure, and tourism promotion.
  • Creation of tourism and infrastructure maps of different counties within the OVRDC region.
  • Technical assistance such as landuse, land capabilities, and green-way analysis; watershed analysis; natural hazard mapping; and other activities.
  • Creation of general maps on demand such as street and road maps of communities, demographic maps, topography maps, groundwater maps, hydrologic maps, and other map requests.
  • Conduct hazard mitigation mapping projects, hydrologic analysis studies, CDBG environmental assessments, elevation studies, business and economic analysis.
  • Technical Assistance to groups, local government agencies, businesses, the general public, local officials, and OVRDC Full Commission Members.


Please contact the OVRDC office to discuss special projects.  We have the capability to do planning applications that do not require property parcel information.  The OVRDC GIS has the advantage of being a regional system with data on the district’s 12 counties making it ideal for regional planning and analysis.


How Much Does it Cost? (OVRDC Data Request Price Sheet - Click to Download)

The OVRDC does not charge for data requests that require less than one hour of staff time to fulfill as the administrative costs involved are covered through federal funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.  Requests involving more than one hour of staff time or use of special resources such as the large-format plotter will involve a fee.  You will be informed in advance if a fee is required.  Services are available to anyone.


Special projects requiring a large investment of staff time and other resources will be done under a service contract arranged in advance with tasks and fees clearly stated and agreed to by all participants.